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Giant Bikes are a bicycle manufacturer based out of Taichung City, Taiwan. It’s one of the world’s largest bike companies, and it has manufacturing bases in Taiwan, China, and the Netherlands.

The company opened in 1972, creating bikes that were sold exclusively under different brand names.

It wasn’t until 1986 that they started selling their own brand of bikes. Today, the company sells their products in over 50 countries.

Their global sales topped five million in 2007.

Giant organizes its products into seven different groups. Each different group is designed for a specific audience or type of cycling.

    • Road: these bikes include professional, training, and advanced road bikes.
    • Comfort: these bikes are designed for casual city bikers.
    • Indoor Cycling: a line of indoor fitness bikes.
    • Mode: these bikes are designed specifically for teens.
    • Mountain: the bikes in this line include everything from single track mountain bikes to downhill racing bikes.
    • Family Cycling: bikes made specifically for children.
    • Specialty: this line including the CLIP and the HALFWAY, two bikes that fold up for easy storage.
Giant folding bike

Giant Professional Bike Models

If you’re looking for some of the best professional bikes, you’ll love what Giant Bikes has to offer.

Giant racing bikeThey’ve got advanced, professional bikes for men and women, and the prices for each model are actually quite affordable.

Giant has something for every professional, from those just getting started in their biking career to those who have competed professionally for years.

One thing that sets Giant Bikes apart from others is their TCR Advanced road bicycle frame. This frame, first produced in 2006, brings the seatpost and the frame together into one single piece made from high end carbon fiber.

This frame has both positive and negative aspects. The positive feature is that the seatpost is cut precisely for the rider, so the bike is tailored for the rider.

The frame is also lighter and sturdier. However, the two major downsides are that the frame must be cut for the rider by a trained Giant Bikes dealer, and the bike cannot easily be used by anyone else.

Giant Geometry

Giant also has a special compact geometry frame for their racing bikes and a special suspension, the Maestro suspension system, which was also introduced in 2006.

This system uses four pivot points and two linkages to create a special floating pivot point that makes the rear suspension power transfer more efficient, reduces bobbing on the pedals, and allows the back wheel to actually move vertically as needed.

Giant BikesOne of Giant’s top road racing models that makes use of these advancements is the TCR Advanced SL 0. Giant describes it as the world’s first fully optimized race bike.

They started from scratch on this one, building it from the ground up to be the ultimate in racing bikes. It has a very light, stiff road frame that provides speed, control, and comfort.

The TCR Composite 1 is another one of Giant’s top racing bikes. It was based on bikes ridden by Rabobank professionals. Riders find that the Composite 1 gives them a smooth ride while allowing them to be quite aggressive.

This is definitely a bike that stresses performance and speed.

These two models are mainly marketed at men. For women, Giant has produced several special models. One of these is the TCR Advanced W, a powerful bike that can easily match the speed and performance of both the TCR Advanced SL 0 and TCR Composite 1.

From day one, Giant wanted this bike to be a winner, and its lightweight, advanced grade composite frame certainly gets it out in front of the competition.

The Trinity Composite W is another women’s on-road racing models. It’s very aerodynamic and has a stiff, sturdy frame that can take abuse without losing any speed.

These are just a few of Giant’s top bikes. They have a number of different models for you to look over and adjust to your specific needs.

Giant knows that riders don’t need a generic, one-size-fits-all bike to win; they need a bike personalized just for them.

Giant mountain bike

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