Cyclist Physique

Is there an ideal cyclist physique for a serious rider?

It has been suggested that as the varying disciplines of bike racing, placing varying demands upon your body, of each type of cycling competition may necessitate a different optimal body shape, rather than a typical cyclist’s physique for the different types of bike racing.

Being thin and light is obviously generally a good thing, but not for every type of cyclist.

Road climbers tend to be very small and very thin/light.

Road sprinters are generally more bulky and have more developed upper bodies.

Track cyclists and especially sprinters are more bulky and some may even body shapes more like body builders.

MTB and cyclo cross riders are light but also have powerful muscular upper bodies to assist with bike handing skills.


Can You Make Your Physique more Cycling Friendly?

Cyclist Physique

Almost anyone as a cyclist can help make their physique more cycling friendly by getting rid of excess fat.

No matter what your body type removing the extra load of excess fat will help you travel further and faster both uphill (decreased weight) and on the flat (reduced frontal drag area).

Improved upper body strength will help with energy loss and aid in increased pedaling force, so you don’t need Arnie type arms but a bit of muscle and tone in the back and mid section definitely helps your cycling speed.



There are exceptions in every sport. Miguel Indurain who won the Tour De France 5 times was over 6ft 2inches and weighed approx 190 lbs but he could race up the highest mountains with the best climbers.

Much more important than weight and shape is of course a cyclist’s power to weight ratio.

Miguel Indurain cyclist physique

What do you think about the optimal physique for a cyclist?

Tell us how you feel about the cyclist physique. 


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